Escaping November rain part 2 – Seychelles

Well, if Dubai is not enough for you (see previous post) and you do want real paradise without a backdrop of a big city, go to the Seychelles. It’s all you’ve ever dreamed of: soft white sand, empty beaches, turquoise water, coconuts, little nemos (and whale sharks if you want them), great food, jungle, yoga…you name it.  I won’t even bother explaining why or where to go. It’s all beautiful and the pictures will speak for themselves:

2011-11-25 13.45.442011-11-19 09.50.18 2011-11-19 11.01.42 2011-11-19 11.23.12 2011-11-23 08.02.09 2011-11-23 08.02.05 2011-11-20 07.42.22 2011-11-23 07.54.192011-11-21 10.39.392011-11-23 15.14.06 2011-11-19 08.19.542011-11-19 15.33.25


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