Flashback to summer – Provence

As I was yet again trying and not entirely succeeding in making lavender macarons from Cannelle et Vanille (coming in next post), I remembered a week with friends in Provence last July. We came so that my friend’s husband could take pictures of the goooorgeous lavender fields for his website and enjoy some good food&wine.

Here are some impressions:

2011-07-11 20.08.39Kollage32011-07-10 15.37.15Kollage22011-07-10 16.10.05Kollage4

At some point we got bored by all this beauty and decided to illegally use the pool of the local 5star hotel – La Bastide de Gordes. A really stunning place with great views and really good lunch. Well, we staaaarted with lunch – the day ended after 9pm and a bottle of rosé, when the sun went down and we realised that we would have to walk an hour to our house through fields or along the highway in the dark. For some reasons we also thought that being on the highway at night on foot was really the safest option we had (a third option to take a taxi didn’t even enter our minds..). I still thank any good spirits out there and the flashlight of my iphone that nothing happened. And my friend is still mad at me for trying to summarize the movie Blair Witch Project while hiding from the cars in bushes.


On the next day we had amazing, don’t remember how many but something like countless, courses dinner at L’Oustau de Baumanière. Really great food – although, as usual, I ate too much bread (which WAS great) and didn’t leave any space for the main course. I still regret giving away my meat to my friend’s husband…I didn’t feel like I would regret it at the time, but now I definitely do and even a thought of this dinner makes my mouth water and crave that sweetbread (which is a cow’s throat…I also didn’t know – it’s kinda disgusting to think about it this way, but its f***ing delicious)

photo 2thumb_97__1520x900

Another great activity was wild-water rafting – really great. Unfortunately we got so wet that I didn’t take any pictures of the actual rafting. Here are just some pics of the landscape. It’s really nice actually – it was the first time in this area for me and I was almost surprised to see that there is absolutely no need to go to some national park in California or Chile to have an adventure. It’s always strange how I think that I have to go “really far” to see great nature or something extraordinary, when there is so much around the corner I have no idea about.


So your takeaways from this post should be these: don’t talk of Blair Witch when you are drunk in the dark, go see the world that you can reach by car and be nice to cows!



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