Flashback to summer – Provence

As I was yet again trying and not entirely succeeding in making lavender macarons from Cannelle et Vanille (coming in next post), I remembered a week with friends in Provence last July. We came so that my friend’s husband could take … Continue reading

Fall sunshine

photo 3

Do you also love a sunny day in October? When it’s fresh and crisp and the sun stands so low that you can literally see it streaming through the air and illuminate it? I love this time – there is this feeling of a fresh start, something busy in the air. I never get this in spring – somehow my year always ends in the summer, not in December. Probably because school and uni used to start in the fall, so I naturally associate this time with excitement about something new, with seeing friends again after a long summer, with productivity and satisfaction about getting something done. My very first major falling in love also happened around this time – I can still feel it in the air, every single time. It’s been years and I don’t even remember the guy’s voice, but I still smell the same yellow leaves and “My All” by Mariah Carey is ever so present in my ears. It’s so good it almost hurts.

photo 5